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Sooo, yesterday I was rushing out the door of my apartment to get to work on time for the fabulous Tuesday morning meeting. I was in my usual “ughhh” sort of morning mood after only being up for about 45 minutes and was thinking… hey, I might only be five minutes late today. Oh wait,  hold the show! My car has a slight lob and I’m about to pull onto the highway. No way, not today, I have a flat tire!

I turn around carefully and drive a short distance back home. My dad and “fix a flat” come to the rescue to no avail. An hour later I stroll into work still barely awake and facing a handful of behavior problems and the Terra Nova test. WAKE UP!!! I started giving fast directions while sipping on coffee. We were ready in no time. One problem solved.

AAA put the spare tire on my car and I go to the car dealership today to get the tire fixed, plugged, or patched. I’m leasing so I’m hoping for something cheap.

While waiting and very tired from staying up far too late last night watching American Idol, I notice how many men are using the bathroom. The door squeaks over and over again. Wow, these guys are quick! Don’t they wash their hands? I start timing them…. wow, one minute flat! He definitely did not wash his hands. Next guy, one minute – 15 seconds, another guy with dirty hands.

Guy after guy enter the bathroom and I’m betting none of them wash their hands. One guy takes about four minutes. He possibly washes his hands.  So, 1 out of 12 guys wash their hands. I must be tired, I’m actually analyzing this.

Seriously though, most females wash their hands and don’t touch anything. Men usually have to I would think? Here comes my service representative… he didn’t use the bathroom while I was sitting here. My tire has a 3-inch slash across the tread, it will be $200 to replace the tire. I’ll be driving on a donut ’til Friday. 😦


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  1. We guys are generally pretty quick. Keep in mind that it takes very little effort for us to use the bathroom, since there is no “sitting down” business. Unzip, do your thing, wash your hands, and leave. I could probably be in and out in a minute and a half and still wash my hands.

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